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Griffith College


Address:South Circular Road, Dublin 8, Ireland
Tel:+353 1 4150400

Why study at Griffith College?

  1. Griffith College is one of the largest independent colleges in Ireland, offering both academic and professional programmes, full and part-time, short-term and long-term and from classroom to distance based. All programmes enjoy external recognition and approval and are taught by highly respected lecturers to give students an inspiring and rewarding education.
  2. At Griffith College, we are very proud of the numerous awards our students and graduates have achieved in disciplines such as digital media, computing, interior design, fashion design, law, business and media.
  3. Academic excellence combines knowledge acquisition with refinement of the skills necessary for the professional field. At Griffith College we use a variety of teaching methods such as tutorials, group work, discussion, project work, web-based learning and independent study.
  4. Griffith College also offers as part of its facilities a library, a multimedia resource centre, free WiFi, computer labs and a Students' Union building that includes a pool hall, table tennis and Wii consoles for great fun and enjoyment. Our students also enjoy on on-campus restaurant with great value and quality.