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English Language Schools


Ireland’s English language schools, located throughout the country from the bustling capital to the wilder west coast, are recognised around the world as offering world-class facilities and the highest standards of education. Whether you are an executive looking to brush up on your business English, an English language teacher in need of a refresher course, a university student preparing for an exam or a teenager starting from the beginning, Ireland has approved courses and programmes to cater for all levels.

Many of our higher education institutions also offer foundation English courses to prepare candidates who meet the academic entry requirements but whose English language competency does not reach the level required for direct entry into their desired programme.  These courses provide intensive language tuition, often combined with specialist modules from the student’s target programme.

The QQI, through its Accreditation and Co-ordination of English Language Services (ACELS) function, provides quality assurance for English language services in Ireland. ACELS manages and operates an Inspection/Recognition Scheme for ELT organisations and an Accreditation Scheme for English Language teacher training providers.