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Student Accommodation in Ireland

College students have a wide choice when it comes to accommodation. Some students choose to stay in on-campus accommodation, which is available in many colleges. On-Campus accommodation is always in demand it can be quite expensive and it is difficult to find. Student Accommodation in Ireland

All universities have halls of residence, generally apartments of 4 to 8 students, with a private bedroom and shared kitchen, living room and bathroom. On campus accommodation must be paid in 2 instalments, in September and in February. In most campus accommodation, it is not possible to pay your rent on a monthly basis. You will usually have to pay a deposit of one month’s rent in advance, refunded when you leave. Utilities such as heating are usually extra, although several halls of residence include heat and electricity in their initial charge and deduct payment for usage in excess of the average allowed for from the deposit when you leave Universities and colleges will have further details about their accommodation and how to apply.

Students who want to be totally independent choose self-catering, rented accommodation. Students pay their rent monthly and in advance. At the beginning of a letting period you pay a deposit of one month's rent, which will be refunded when you leave (provided you have not caused any damage to the premises). The normal length of a lease is 9 or 12 months. If you break a lease without notice or if you do not adhere to the terms of the lease, you will lose your deposit. Notice of one month should be given before you leave the premises.

Some students choose to live with a host family in their home. This way, you have your own independence but still have the home comforts (and some rules) as well as a family to help you settle in to a new way of life in a new country. Staying with a host family can be a great way for students to find their feet in a new country!

Most colleges have an Accommodation Office, a good first point of call for overseas students in their search for suitable accommodation. Accommodation can also be found through the local newspapers and estate agents in the cities.  Websites such as, or also contain a large portfolio of rental properties. It is generally not possible to reserve long term accommodation in advance, as owners of properties will not hold rooms without payment of rent.

Points to take into consideration when looking for accommodation:

  • Start your search for accommodation early
  • Do as much research as you can online, check out how close are they to the campus and how easy is it to get to the campus via public transport/walking/cycling etc
  • Budget correctly, don’t over extend and live within your means.