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Galway Business School


Galway Business School
Address:Galway Business School, The Prom, Salthill, Galway, Ireland
Tel:+353 (0)91 529 000

At Galway Business School we pride ourselves on our ability to respond quickly to the changing needs of students industry and labour markets.

With our commitment to flexibility, accessible progression routes and a strong academic record, we support you as you embark upon a lifelong learning journey.

If you are the kind of student who enjoys being challenged – intellectually, socially and personally – then Galway Business School is an institution you should consider for your studies.

Our mission is to transform our students for individual excellence and global citizenship. Transformation requires curiosity, courage and commitment – qualities that we seek and develop in our students. Armed with these qualities, our students will not only understand the world of business, they will also be capable of making it better.

Why Study at Galway Business School?

Galway Business School can provide the tools you need to find success in your career by offering:

  • A path to global and local excellence which delivers international success.
  • Galway Business School offers its students leadership in action by nurturing innovation, creativity and an entrepreneurial spirit.
  • An expert faculty of specialist business leaders and thinkers.
  • An ideal, student-centred environment with small class sizes and personalised learning.
  • Provides academic programmes of the highest standards to engage your mind and stimulate your understanding.