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Dublin Business School (DBS)


Established in 1975, Dublin Business School (DBS) provides a comprehensive range of career focused Undergraduate, Postgraduate and Professional programmes across the Schools of Business, Law and Arts. DBS courses for 2017 include Management, Law, Accounting, Business Administration, Finance, Marketing, Event Management, Digital Media, Information Technology, Cloud Computing, Arts, Media, Journalism, Psychology, Counselling and Social Science.


Undergraduate at DBS

Dublin Business School specialises in the provision of career focused business and law education as well as the delivery of contemporary programmes in the areas of Business, Management, Law, Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Event Management, Digital Media, Information Technology, Arts, Media, Journalism, Psychology and Social Science. At DBS we will do all that we can to help you to make the right choices for your future. 

There is, however, more to being a student than just studying. Higher education is about developing your whole personality and participating in the wide range of activities beyond the lecture theatre, library or computer laboratory. Above all, being a student means experiencing all aspects of life and having fun. Dublin is now one of Ireland's premier student cities in Europe.


Postgraduate at DBS

DBS provides postgraduate students with the opportunity to study in an environment which is dynamic, vibrant and has a pulsating mixture of cultural, ethnic and social influences. The most recent course options offered by the Postgraduate School include a conversion style Higher Diploma in Psychology (PSI accredited), MSc in Applied Psychology, MSc in Marketing with Digital Media, MSc in Management Practice, MSc in Information & Library Management, HRM, International Accounting, Banking & Finance along with a suite of specialist MBA courses in the areas of Project Management, HRM, Marketing, Information Systems, Cloud Computing and Finance.


Study Abroad at DBS

DBS offers a 16 week semester abroad programme to visiting students in both autumn and spring each year. The programme begins with a foundation course covering the major aspects of Ireland and Irish society. Students then choose courses across the schools of business and arts for the remainder of the semester. An internship is also an optional part of the programme.

Outstanding teaching and learning facilities, including:

  • Extensive undergraduate and postgraduate libraries
  • Student cafeteria and common area
  • High tech IT laboratories
  • Wireless Internet access
  • TV/film studios
  • Modern Classrooms

Semester Abroad Students can opt to select course electives from a wide range of subjects.

Foundation Courses at DBS

The Certificate in Business & Language ensures international students make a successful transition from overseas education to higher level education in Ireland. The programme prepares students for the language, academic and cultural skills demanded in business education.

The Pre-Undergraduate programme is a 9-week programme designed for students who already possess a relatively high level of English but do not fully satisfy entry requirement to undergraduate and postgraduate study. The course is also suitable for those students who already satisfy the admission requirements to their chosen programme, but who wish to refresh their English language skills. During the intensive programme, students perfect their written and verbal communication, and are trained in study skills necessary for an improved performance at third level. The content of the language materials reflects the contemporary issues of the business world.

The cosmopolitan, multicultural and diverse Pre-Master's classes foster an engaging atmosphere for Master's level scholarship at Dublin Business School. With a focus on the language, academic skills and conceptual understanding required for study at postgraduate level, the Pre-Master’s programme prepares students to think critically and analytically, and develop problem-based learning skills, research skills, and the academic communication skills essential to success on our Master's programmes. It also familiarises students with the contemporary business issues integral to their study on their chosen Master’s degree.


Student Services at DBS

A great way to meet people is to get involved in a club or society. DBS offers a diverse range of clubs and societies to cater for the interests of all students. Below is a list of some of the clubs and societies offered at DBS;

  • The Surfing and Watersport Society
  • The Sailing Club
  • The Soccer Club
  • The Basketball Club
  • The Rugby Club
  • The Cricket Club
  • Drama Society
  • Cinematic Society
  • Film & Media Society
  • Psychological Society
  • Law Society

The Student Services department is a pivotal interface between staff and students. It provides a forum for student input into academic and administrative matters as well as providing a channel for information to be passed on to students. The College also provides students with individual support and advice on welfare, accommodation, social activities and student employment, advice and assistance on immigration rules as well as post study pathways and progression.

Careers & Appointments Services at DBS

The DBS Careers Service is dedicated to improving the career prospects of the student body by teaching employment skills and by assisting students in forming achievable career plans that make use of their strengths and abilities. The Careers Office will also publicise recruitment campaigns and current vacancies that may be of interest to students. The DBS Careers & Appointments Service organises a calendar of careers events which runs throughout the academic year and includes presentations from employers, talks by specialist guest speakers as well as sessions on various career issues such as working overseas and on subject specific career paths for students in various disciplines e.g. careers for business graduates.

Accommodation at DBS

DBS can arrange both host family and student apartment accommodation for international students upon requests. Accommodation options and locations are located on convenient transportation links for easy access to our city centre location.

Host Family: Home-stays offer an incomparable opportunity to deepen your knowledge of Irish culture; they will allow you to observe and participate in daily life in Dublin. Students have private bedrooms and are provided with breakfast and dinner daily.

Student Apartments: DBS also offers housing in an apartment complex located in central Dublin for those who prefer a more independent living arrangement and an easy commute to the DBS facilities. The apartment complex is not a dormitory; it is a new residence that includes suite-style apartments, fully furnished kitchens, laundry facilities and internet access. Suites typically have 3 to 4 private bedrooms, a living area, kitchen and balcony.

Summer courses at DBS

During the three weeks of the DBS Summer programme participants will have the chance to attend intensive business modules with a focus on Sales and Sales Management, meet and interact with managers during company visits and live a truly international experience with students from other European countries.

The intercultural skills acquired during the programme, as well as the local and global outlook provided by the modules, will provide an advantage for participants in their studies and in their further careers. Course work will be accompanied by company visits, cultural excursions and social activities.