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National Qualifications Framework (NFQ)


The NFQ  - It's as easy as ABC

BEFORE MAKING any decisions on study options, all international students are advised to use the NFQ (National Framework Qualifications) to assess their own qualifications. It sounds complicated but it's as easy as booking your flight to Ireland!  

All qualifications recognised through this system are quality assured which means you can have complete confidence that your course and college are constantly reviewed to ensure consistent high standards.

The NFQ is a system of ten levels. Each of these levels grade all learning from beginner to advanced.  It is based on standards of knowledge, skill and competence and it incorporates awards made for all kinds of learning, wherever it is gained. 

Introduced in 2003, the NFQ is completely user-friendly and allows international students to easily compare and contrast qualifications in order to plan their education, training and career progression. The simple 'fan' structure also makes sure you are not disappointed by choosing a course that's currently above your present level of qualifications.

  • The system helps employers to identify 'appropriate fit' qualifications for specific roles and suitable candidates by being able to use the NFQ to suit their needs.
  • To find out if a course meets your needs, it is essential that you know what qualification is awarded at the end of the course.
  • The NFQ provides a way to compare qualifications and ensure that they are quality assured and recognised at home and abroad.
  • The NFQ is used to compare Irish qualifications with foreign qualifications.
  • International students travelling to Ireland with qualifications gained abroad can use the NFQ to get these qualifications recognised.

National Framework of Qualifications

 Qualifications Recognition

You need this recognition to assess any qualification received outside Ireland in order to pursue further studies in Ireland.

What does the Qualifications Recognition do? 

  • It provides academic recognition of foreign qualifications
  • Assesses school and vocational qualifications
  • Assesses higher education qualifications and compares, if possible, a foreign qualification at a certain NFQ level.
  • It provides information on the Irish education and training system.