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Global Issue Programmes


Irish global-issue one year Masters’ programmes help graduates to make a difference

Ireland’s unique suite of postgraduate offerings in the broad sphere of international relations (peace and conflict studies, human rights, gender, development, social activism, migration & diaspora and ethnicity to name but a few) provide an internationally renowned start to careers which influence the global agenda.

From past presidents to rock stars, Ireland’s outspoken voices reflect a past of colonisation and famine - and a present as a global thought leader in conflict resolution, human rights and development.

Global Issue Programmes

No country can choose its history or its geographic location. Ireland’s past and its position on the planet provide a inimitable lens to view the world, attracting researchers, visiting lecturers, academics, students, and practitioners from around the globe, who seek a frame of reference that is different from their own. Our centres of excellence in these fields have real credibility – academically and in practice.