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International Employers Place Trinity College Dublin Graduates Among World’s Elite


Graduates from Trinity College Dublin are among the most employable in the world, according to the 2015 Global Employability University Rankings. This unique ranking was provided by surveying over 2,287 recruiters from major companies in 21 different countries, and 2,400 managing directors of large, internationally recruiting companies (with over 1,000 employees).

The survey effectively asked what recruiters look for in university graduates, before ranking universities based on the number of votes they received from international respondents.Importantly, Irish employers were not included in the survey. As a result, the results show just how highly Trinity’s graduates are valued by international employers, because it secured its votes solely from the managing directors of large, internationally recruiting companies. 

The survey looked at thousands of educational institutions, but the rankings only include universities whose votes placed them within the Top 150. 

The rankings were designed and commissioned by the French Human Resources consulting agency, Emerging, and administered by German market research firm, Trendence. They are a valuable tool for employers, but also for students in choosing their university.

Source: Trinity College Dublin