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How to apply - postgraduate - Non EU applicants


Non-EU Applicants

Students who have lived for a period outside of the EU need to provide evidence to be eligible for EU fees. These necessary documents must be lodged with their application.


Please note:

  • A student’s registered status (EU/non-EU) cannot be changed during a programme for which they have registered.
  • Full-time education in the EU does not by itself give them the status of residence.

Closing dates vary depending on course and institution. Higher education institutes can be very strict on closing dates so refer carefully to information on your chosen programme for more details. These can be found on the higher education institute’s website.

Every higher education institute will need certain information and documents to help them process your application quickly. Certain programmes may also need other identity proof.

For all non-EU applicants applying for a postgraduate course at one of the Irish Higher Education Institutitions, you can apply through the Postgraduate Application Centre (PAC) website. For the courses and colleges that are not listed on the Postgraduate Application Centre (PAC) website. Please apply directly to the college you are interested in.