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Roles & Responsibilities


The High-Level Group is responsible for overall implementation of Ireland’s International Education Strategy 2010-15. On an operational basis, the working group on implementation and market development/access will drive forward delivery of the key agenda items.

The responsibilities of Government departments and State agencies in the area of international education are set out below.


Framework for the Promotion, Quality Assurance and Co-Ordination of International Education

Strategic co-ordination: High Level Group on International Education


Policy, coordination & implementation


Marketing, branding & promotion

Department of Education & Skills: Policy development, co-ordination of national approaches.

Department of Jobs, Enterprise & Innovation: Linking internationalisation to long-term trade interests. 

Department of Justice and Law Reform: Student immigration policy.
Department of Education & Skills: Development of a statutory framework.Department of Education & Skills: political engagement with partner countries.

Department of Foreign Affairs: Promotion by Irish diplomatic network
Enterprise Ireland: Development of international offering, international strategic partnerships, promote collaboration, develop sales and marketing capabilities and the education offering.

Higher Education Authority: Competitiveness, sectoral development, collaboration, integration with national HE policy, international co-operation under EU programmes, cooperation with partner agencies.
Qualifications and Quality Assurance Ireland: Internationalisation register, voluntary inspection and recognition scheme for the English language sector.

Qualifications and Quality Assurance Ireland:
Implementation and management of the Code of Practice and Quality Mark for International Education.
Enterprise Ireland: Lead role in promoting, developing and branding Ireland’s international higher education offering.

Tourism Ireland: Promotion of English language sector overseas