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Limerick Institute of Technology (LIT)


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Address:Limerick Institute of Technology, Moylish Park, Limerick, Ireland
Tel:+353 61 293849

Why study at Limerick Institute of Technology?

  1. LIT offers so much choice for International Students – not only with programmes available, but with how to achieve what you want out of education. We have internationally recognised qualifications ranging from Higher Certificate to PhD.
  2. You can get your degree your way! LIT offers both ladder-approach programmes, which means you build up from a base of 2 years for a Higher Certificate, add one more for a Degree, and another for an Honours Degree; and ab-initio programmes which take three to four years straight for an Honours degree - with most of these programmes offering a work placement option.
  3. LIT’s programmes have been created in partnership with industry, professional bodies and the community to meet today’s national and international employment needs and with the current and future economy in mind. This is a key ingredient and prepares you for the real world.
  4. LIT has state of the art facilities within a warm and friendly college in a welcoming and friendly city.
  5. Mentors for all first years, and, national and international work placements.